News on Nationals - Run Days

As we work to address the challenges of delivering a great Nationals experience while bumping up against participation limits inherent in a four day format, we need to examine all past practices and find ways to plan and execute Nationals in more effective ways. For 2019, we are trying a new approach to assigning classes to run days for Solo Nationals in order to better balance participation numbers for each set of run days.

Each year SCCA publishes the list of days each class will run at Nationals approximately six months before the Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals takes place.  Trying to predict class sizes and create a balanced schedule is challenging given that each new season brings shifts in class participation.  Instead of delaying the announcement of all class run days, we have chosen to announce a core group of class run days now, while holding out a small number of classes to be assigned once we have participation data from early national events in the 2019 season.

A lot of thought went into choosing the “TBD” classes.  We know that this is outside of the norm, but hope you understand this decision was made in an effort to bring you a better balanced 2019 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals.

Run days for classes listed in the To Be Determined column will be announced no later than the weekend of Spring Nationals.

You can find the Run Days PDF on by following this link, and clicking on Run Days as of 3/6/2019.